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Dr. Valerie Kuhlmeier

My research program explores cognition from a developmental and evolutionary perspective. I examine the origins of our cognitive capacities in a comparative manner, studying infants, young children, non-human primates, and dogs. 


Dr. Taigan MacGowan

I am a Postdoctoral Fellow examining individual differences in the development of social cognitive processes, such as theory of mind and prosocial behaviour. I investigate these phenomena from a psychophysiological standpoint, and in the context of temperamental and state shyness. 

Scott Robson 

I am a PhD Candidate in Neuroscience.  I am interested in the cognitive development of infants, particularly in how young infants learn from observing the actions of others. 

Tara Karasewich

My PhD research is focused on social cognitive development. I am specifically interested in the temperamental factors that influence the development of prosocial behaviour, specifically the role of shyness.

Sylvia Pinheiro

For my PhD research, I examine how children learn social behaviours, particularly within the virtual environment. I also communicate scientific knowledge to nonacademic audiences via illustration and game-based activities.

Brooke Hilton

I primarily work in Dr. Mark Sabbagh's Early Experience Lab as a PhD student, where I examine how children form and revise beliefs. In the Social Cognition Lab, I'm interested in how children update their beliefs about other individuals, with the aim of understanding how cognitive mechanisms of belief formation connect with selective social behaviour. 


Maeve McCreary

My Master's research is focused on canine cognition and dog-human interaction.  Specifically, I'm interested in how dogs respond to and interpret human communicative cues, as well as applications of this research to the training of working dogs.


Montana Shore
NSERC Fellow

I am interested in how temperamental factors, such as shyness and sociability, play a role in children’s online prosocial behaviour. As a fellow in the Social Cognition Lab, I am also involved in a project investigating how dogs attend and respond to various communicative cues.

Lab Alumni

Honour's Thesis Students


Brendan Hancock

Montana Shore


Emma Liptrot

Lexie Piccolo


Kate Hollingshead

Brooke Hilton

Shanahan Shan

Megan Kenney
Emily Pepper


Natanya Levine


Nina Buchenrieder

Ruxandra Filip
Rayna Edels


Zoe Paul
Kelsey Slobodian
Danielle Speck


Annamaria McAndrew
Madison Healey


Kathleen Merwin


Sydney Oastler
Raquel Martinez


Kyleigh Schraeder
Victoria Freeman


Jessica White


Sara Caird
Jenny Chu


Sarah Latimer


Lisa Hong
Katherine Chow


Kelly Anthony-Brown

Scott Robson, Ph.D.

Postdoctoral Fellow, CHEO

Amy O'Neill, Ph.D.

Clinical Practice

Kristen Dunfield, Ph.D.

Associate Professor, Concordia Univ.

Tania Tzelnic, MSc.

Public Policy

Elizabeth Hallinan, MSc.

Attorney at Law

Undergraduate Research Fellows

Montana Shore, NSERC USRA & Queen's ASURF

Lab Coordinator, Duke Univ.

Danielle Bukovsky, NSERC USRA

Undergraduate, Queen's Univ.

Brooke Hilton, NSERC USRA &

Queen's ASURF

Graduate Student, Queen's Univ.

Ruxandra Filip, NSERC USRA

Graduate Student

Sara Jones

Certificate Program, Toronto

Olivia Holden

Graduate Student, McGill Univ.

Hannah Taalman (MSc.)

Research Coordinator, CAMH

Rayna Edels (M.A.)

Graduate Student, McGill Univ.

Debra Torok

Graduate Student, Univ. of Victoria

Kathleen Merwin

Graduate Student, Dalhousie Univ.

Lindsay Murphy

Director of BI and Analytics

Rachel Banton (MSc.)

Graduate Student, Concordia Univ.

Senior Account Manager

Vivian Lee (Ph.D.)

Graduate Student, McMaster Univ.

Postdoctoral Researcher, York Univ.

Assistant Professor, Carleton Univ.

Graduate Students

Lab Coordinators

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