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Undergraduate Students: 
The Social Cognition Lab provides hands-on laboratory experience through 'directed lab' courses, volunteer research assistant positions, and the honours thesis. Students are involved in all aspects of the research, including study design, participant recruitment, testing, data analysis, and weekly lab meetings. If you are interested, please email Dr. Kuhlmeier a resume, an unofficial transcript and a brief (one paragraph) description of your reasons for pursuing this training.

Graduate Students: 
Members of Dr. Kuhlmeier’s lab have the opportunity to work with infants, children, adults, and dogs. The Queen’s Psychology Department provides a collaborative environment, and students are encouraged to develop projects that bridge laboratories (Drs. Sabbagh, Kelley, Fitneva, Hollenstein, Craig, Olmstead, Tusche, etc.). Typically (but with exceptions!), students who wish to work primarily with infants and children apply through the Developmental Psychology program, and those interested primarily in nonhuman animals apply through the Cognitive Neuroscience program. Click HERE for more details and email Dr. Kuhlmeier if you have questions.

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