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Sharing in the Virtual World


We're studying how children's sharing behaviour unfolds in the virtual, online world. To do so, team leader Sylvia Pinheiro MSc. created an interactive video game using the JavaScript and HTML-5 based Construct gaming engine. Children earn virtual coins and interact with peers and adults.

Some questions that interest us are: When do children become more adult-like in their sharing? How do culture and socio-economic status impact sharing? How is sharing different during synchronous and asynchronous interactions? What aspects of game design influence children's sharing?

Research Team Leaders

Research Team

Queen's University:

Dr. Taigan MacGowan, Montana Shore, Brendan Hancock, Danielle Bukovsky, Sara Jones, Emma Liptrot, Lexie Piccolo

LECH, Brazil:

Dr. Fivia Lopes

UFPA, Brazil:

Dr. Natalia Dutra

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